Shock and Vibration technologies has been supporting the manufacturing and defence industries with vibration and shock solutions since 1997. SVT is the Australian representative for the major UK Mount manufactures Stop Choc and Barry Controls. We are able to offer their entire mount ranges as well as recommend mounts for your specific application. SVT has supplied anti-vibration and shock mounts into many significant projects including the Huon class mine hunters, FFG upgrade projects, the Parakeet shelter, Bushmaster armoured personal carriers as well as the Navanita LHD and AWD. SVT has the ability to generate computer models to simulate the following mil standards   MIL-STD-901D / E medium hammer,
MIL-STD-901D /E lightweight hammer,
MIL-STD-810D /E /F, MIL-STD-07/55,
BV 043 Area I, II, III,
BV 044,
MIL 0035
SVT has been working closely with the Swiss transit case manufacturer EDAK to bring high quality aluminium 19” rack transit case to Australia.
The EDAK transit has proved itself over the last decade of service with the Australian Armed Forces to tough, resilient and able to protect is contents in even the harshest environments.
EDAK transit cases are currently in use with many different squadrons, corps, and units across all branches of the defence forces.