Shock & Vibration Isolation

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Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti Vibration Mounts

Hutchinson Stop-choc design and manufacture anti vibration mounts and anti vibration mountings of the highest quality. Our vibration isolation solutions have been used extensively in the Aerospace and Defence, Industrial, Marine and Offshore markets for over 35 years.

We have a wide range of standard products to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Where a standard product is not appropriate, Hutchinson Stop-choc can produce special anti-vibration mounts designed to meet customer specifications. Our mounts are manufactured from a broad range of materials covering all possible environmental, shock and vibration requirements. We often design and manufacture mounts to withstand extremes of temperature, in tight space envelopes and contamination from fluids.

Our anti vibration mounts are available in the widest range of materials from natural rubber offering high load capacity to highly damped silicones reducing amplification at resonance and sway space under shock conditions. The range of materials we use to construct our mounts include high performance silicon elastomers that work at temperatures of -54°C and neoprene and natural rubbers which provide durability and low creep in harsh environments. The use of our anti-vibration mounts increases equipment reliability and reduces vibration and noise, thus improving user comfort and performance.

X Mounts

X mounts are manufactured in our purpose built X and Y mount facility. MoD approved X type mounts provide the best shock vibration protection available.

X type mounts were conceived to protect equipment carried on ships from shock and vibration caused by explosion underwater. X-mounts were designed and developed to protect ship-bourne equipment from vibrations and shock caused by underwater explosions. The mount generally gives better shock and vibration protection than any other mount presently approved for the MoD.

Naval Mounts

We design and manufacture high deflection naval shock mounts to protect equipment and instruments from shock and vibration.

Our Naval mounts provide excellent shock protection for:
Power generation and distribution equipment
Shipboard electronics
Sensitive equipment and weaponary
Naval sonar and radar equipment

We work closely with Naval Consultants, Designers, Shipbuilders and Equipment Suppliers and can offer our expertise in selecting the most suitable isolators for naval applications. Using proprietary software, we have the capability to model and simulate systems responses in 6 degrees of freedom to a variety of shock & vibration inputs including:

UK MAP 01-470 Grade Curves
MIL-STD-901 & MIL-STD-167
Custom Shock Pulses
Random or sinusoidal vibration input including DEF STAN 00-35 & MIL-STD-810